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PB Parallel Port Library

Posted by on January 12, 2011

What is it:

This is a minimalist  library based on the inpout32 DLL

Basically I wrapped the original library and added a whole bunch of useful constants to easily access the Control and Status registers while keeping things clean and simple.

This library is currently being used on a side project I’ve been working on with a friend, since he doesn’t have any μController experience we decided to use LPT for the time being.

The code:

And the constants include:

The hardware:

You don’t need any special hardware other than a Centronics or similar cable and a PC with a Parallel port (I’m sure some of you keep older PCs around for a good reason!) — Aside from this if you’re planning on running the examples you might want to get some LEDs and Switches.

Something to download:

The entire sources and support files including the examples can be found Here. Remember to exit the demo programs with the ESC key so the program gets a chance to reset the output bits.

Useful companion:

During development you may want to keep an eye on the status of each pin, however not everyone has a breakout board for this particular interface so you may want to use a software version of this concept instead, one of my favourite ones is LPT.exe — It works fairly well and there are several ports to different languages in case you’re interested in modifying it to suit your own needs.

Closing up:

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll be able to finish the project and post some of the code here. Hint: it involves controlling unipolar steppers, computer vision and webcams!

Can you guess what it is?


An efficient and simple object factory for PureBasic

Posted by on May 3, 2009

Whenever you deal with structures and what have you it’s obvious that there has to be a better way of doing it. Think about it, you encapsulate your structure-related code in such a way that it becomes clean, nice and tidy — in other words it makes it easy to understand what it does.

However in essence, you end up writing pretty much the same allocate / deallocate, list, etc. code every time you incorporate a new “class” into your project. Why should we?, let’s avoid it all together and focus our efforts in the task at hand rather than in the mundane stuff.

If you open your eyes you’ll see that this is an obvious pattern but what isn’t so obvious is how do you implement a template that deals with it in an efficient and clean way within the current constraints of the language.

Well… Have no fear, EasyObject is here!
First, download it. Secondly, embrace it.

Third, you’re free to post any comments regarding on how to enhance it if you dear to!.


Updated the vec3 lib, major overhaul.

Posted by on January 25, 2009

The VEC3 lib was updated today, I haven’t had time to put the newer versions as they were developed so I’m just uploading the latest version right now. A small change-log can be found at the header of the source.

Same link as before: VEC3_MACRO.PBI

Or you can download the package: VEC3_MACRO.ZIP


A fast vector library for purebasic.

Posted by on January 9, 2009

I recently required some vector functions to prototype a game idea in PureBasic, however there is no such thing as a built-in vector library and any of the existent community code was buggy to say the least (no offense but it’s old, ugly code that you’ll find anywhere else).

The reason for this library is quite simple, and so is the library itself. you can either include it or install the resource file and start using it right away. After taking a quick look at the source, you’ll soon familiarize with it’s naming convention; there is no need to write any documentation for this type of code, since it’s basic vector math. However a test source is included for your delight.

You can find the source in here:
And some ugly test code in here:

Or, you can get “the whole package” from here:

Using this library is as easy as…