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Monkey-X / Android – App name, version, orientation and package name.

Posted by on January 30, 2014

Certain games and applications require different screen orientation constraints as well as the obvious name, version and package differences between each other. There are also GPU flags and “MIMEs” we have to setup based on each project’s requirements, Monkey-X simplifies this by reducing the amount of resource / XML editing by allowing us to define constants in code.

The following is pretty much what I use on my main source before I begin to include libraries and the main routine:

#ANDROID_APP_LABEL			= "Your Program Name"
#ANDROID_SCREEN_ORIENTATION 		= "portrait" ' could be landscape or user which may or may not use 'sensor'.
#ANDROID_APP_PACKAGE			= "com.yourbrand.yoursubcat.yourprogramname" ' for instance: com.gushh.android.thisgame


#TEXT_FILES				= "*.txt|*.xml|*.json"
#IMAGE_FILES				= "*.png|*.jpg|*.gif|*.bmp"
#SOUND_FILES				= "*.wav|*.ogg|*.mp3|*.m4a"
#MUSIC_FILES				= "*.wav|*.ogg|*.mp3|*.m4a"
#BINARY_FILES				= "*.bin|*.dat"

By defining these constants we avoid having to edit resource files by hand or utilize extra tools / external code to perform the same action.

If you want to fully customize your Android target I suggest you create a new target to avoid modifying the defaults.

That’s all for now, Cheers!

Aren’t these expensive!

Posted by on June 29, 2010

I was looking for a couple tools to install in my cellphone, specifically EE related tools (calculators for wire, capacitance, etc) and they aren’t cheap at all — I wonder why!

In fact I don’t think J2ME is mainstream anymore, or is it?. Seeing as how most iPhone apps go for a few bucks (which I find rather interesting) I can’t believe whoever wrote these tools actually pretends people to buy them just like that!

Theres a common misconception that certain professionals ought to be able to afford certain overpriced tools / services just because they’re, well, professionals. But the truth of the matter is, most EEs here in Argentina end up fixing TVs in a shithole rather than designing your next cellphone at Apple. More…