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Aren’t these expensive!

Posted by on June 29, 2010

I was looking for a couple tools to install in my cellphone, specifically EE related tools (calculators for wire, capacitance, etc) and they aren’t cheap at all — I wonder why!

In fact I don’t think J2ME is mainstream anymore, or is it?. Seeing as how most iPhone apps go for a few bucks (which I find rather interesting) I can’t believe whoever wrote these tools actually pretends people to buy them just like that!

Theres a common misconception that certain professionals ought to be able to afford certain overpriced tools / services just because they’re, well, professionals. But the truth of the matter is, most EEs here in Argentina end up fixing TVs in a shithole rather than designing your next cellphone at Apple. More…

Argentina DayLight Patch (ADP10)

Posted by on December 30, 2007


Como todos sabrán, hace unos días fue aprobada la ley del cambio de huso horario en Argentina.
La misma, dicta que debemos adelantar nuestros relojes 1 hora, para aprovechar al máximo la luz solar.

Esta modalidad viene siendo utilizada en otros países desde hace ya muchos años, no obstante aquí fue implementada “a las patadas”, por ende surge la necesidad de un patch para ahorrarnos dolores de cabeza.

Este patch se encarga de agregar la nueva zona horaria con soporte daylight-saving para Argentina.