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VEC3 and EasyObject Libraries updated.

Posted by on May 10, 2009

Today I updated both VEC3 and EasyObject, the download links remain the same.


VEC3 got angle helpers (now you can easily find the angle between two vec3, etc) as well as a curve function to smoothly interpolate variables (you can see it in action in one of the new examples where an enemy turret slowly aims toward the player).


EasyObject now allows you to send a user variable on all iterators. New example provided (particles)


An efficient and simple object factory for PureBasic

Posted by on May 3, 2009

Whenever you deal with structures and what have you it’s obvious that there has to be a better way of doing it. Think about it, you encapsulate your structure-related code in such a way that it becomes clean, nice and tidy — in other words it makes it easy to understand what it does.

However in essence, you end up writing pretty much the same allocate / deallocate, list, etc. code every time you incorporate a new “class” into your project. Why should we?, let’s avoid it all together and focus our efforts in the task at hand rather than in the mundane stuff.

If you open your eyes you’ll see that this is an obvious pattern but what isn’t so obvious is how do you implement a template that deals with it in an efficient and clean way within the current constraints of the language.

Well… Have no fear, EasyObject is here!
First, download it. Secondly, embrace it.

Third, you’re free to post any comments regarding on how to enhance it if you dear to!.