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Android – Debugging through WIFI

Posted by on February 9, 2014

Ever wondered if you could use ADB through WiFi to avoid using the USB connector while debugging on Android all the time?, turns out you can and it’s simpler than you thought!

Of course, the first step is to root your Android device, But don’t worry, it’s also very easy now adays. I recommend you try Framaroot¬†— Yes, in theory there could be some risk involved, but given the current state of Framaroot I’ve never had a problem and it takes about 3 seconds to root your device, you don’t really need to reboot it either although it’s recommended.

Once you’ve got SU (SuperUser), you can proceed to install¬†WiFi ADB¬†— Avoid any other application, specially if it requires a host on your desktop / dev box since really, you’ve rooted your device, no need to go around obstacles that aren’t there anymore.

Now, simply start WiFI ADB and enable it, the final step is to get your ADB to listen to your device through TCP/ip, we simply open ADB via the console and perform the connect command followed by the ip and the port of your device.

For example in my case:

adb connect

ADB should then report “connected”, otherwise make sure your device is listed to begin with using the “devices” command, it should pop the id of your device. Otherwise, make sure WiFI ADB is enabled.

That’s all!