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Declar’em! – Automatic declaration of procedures.

Posted by on September 5, 2009

This is a tool that I’ve been using for quite a long while, just recently I fixed a small bug in the regexp and I thought it was time to share it.

For those of you using the official IDE, there’s no real solution to this “problem”. When you’re working on something small, it’s not a big deal to define a couple of declares here and there… However, on bigger code this becomes a real issue!. So why waste the time switching between IDEs or doing it by hand?…

Grab it and let me know how it runs! (nasty ugly source included).

The tool is very simple to install, I recommend you unzip directly into your PB directory and configure it as follows:


That’s it. You’re ready to declar’em!.


Things I’d like to see in the official PureBasic IDE.

Posted by on July 6, 2009

This are a few of the features I’d like to see in the official IDE of PureBasic, listed in no particular order:

  • Interactive rename refactoring (as featured in Eclipse)
  • Coloring for procedure/macro listings
  • Unintrusive project funcionality (The possiblity to define projects and source/resource files for each in a comprehensive way)
  • Centered dialogs (As ranted in the past)
  • Proper indentation line guides (both solid and dashed would be nice, Scintilla supports this already…)
  • Official tools (plugins) such as but not limited to:
    • Automatic procedure declarations (to output a declare list for a specific source)
    • SVN and other repository support
    • Comprehensive code statistics
    • Memory profiler (to profile modules and overall heap consumption/usage and memory-leak detection)
    • Better code profiler ( the current one is crap and not a real profiler per se )
    • Automatic code documentation support (robodoc or similar would be nice)
  • Settings defined by user group or project.
  • Better overall stability.

Those are just a few of them, off the top of my head. Now it’s worth noticing that some if not most of the aforementioned plugins could easily be programmed by the community, however since this is a commercial product it’s not such a far cry to request those essential tools, is it?.

I could elaborate on each point but they are pretty much self explanatory and most of the features already exist in most world-class integrated development environments. Needless to say, most of them are a must-have. Specially with the profiling tools.

That’s my wish-list for the next major release, of course it won’t happen but it can’t hurt to wish for, right?

I have another list in mind, for the compiler/language itself… But I’ve yet to polish it. And believe me, that’s a big list.

Centered MessageRequester() / MessageBox()

Posted by on July 2, 2009

As usual, I was browsing the PureBasic forums to see what was new, nothing much (heh…) but something caught my attention, the fact that some user requested for the IDE’s message dialogs to be “centered” ( because he had multiple displays and the messages would appear in between them ) just to get shit-faced by an actual staff member!

You can’t just say “it’s Microsoft’s fault” — Are you in some sort of mac-only cleanse?, What’s your #%&%#$ problem?!

Those who “pass the ball” (as the user suggested) are part of the problem. You, being a programmer can certainly code a simple CBT hook, right?. Are you against hooks, perhaps – you are a purist, I hear… Sorry, but sometimes solutions are “dirty” and you have to live with them.

Just for the record, I too use a split-screen and I find it annoying that dialog boxes are not centered to their parent.

Just for the record, I too use a split-screen and I find it annoying that dialog boxes are not centered to their parent.