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Xbox 360 – Mini-USB SPI Flasher PCB

Posted by on August 4, 2011


Here’s a XBOX 360 USB SPI Flasher with a Mini-USB connector, the board is based on this project.

I redesigned the PCB since the original had a poor layout and used quite the uncommon B type connector.


It was made for a friend but I’m sharing it nonetheless, you can see his results here (Don’t worry, the whole “xbox sucks” deal is an inside joke).


You can download the eagle sch and brd files from here: Xbox360 Mini-USB SPI Flasher.


In theory the board could be made smaller, but since most people will be making these at home, I decided to use a bigger isolation gap, bigger pads, etc. To simplify the process.

For reasons of availability the smd switch was replaced by a simple pin header, thus a jumper is used instead of the switch.






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