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PB Parallel Port Library

Posted by on January 12, 2011

What is it:

This is a minimalist  library based on the inpout32 DLL

Basically I wrapped the original library and added a whole bunch of useful constants to easily access the Control and Status registers while keeping things clean and simple.

This library is currently being used on a side project I’ve been working on with a friend, since he doesn’t have any μController experience we decided to use LPT for the time being.

The code:

And the constants include:

The hardware:

You don’t need any special hardware other than a Centronics or similar cable and a PC with a Parallel port (I’m sure some of you keep older PCs around for a good reason!) — Aside from this if you’re planning on running the examples you might want to get some LEDs and Switches.

Something to download:

The entire sources and support files including the examples can be found Here. Remember to exit the demo programs with the ESC key so the program gets a chance to reset the output bits.

Useful companion:

During development you may want to keep an eye on the status of each pin, however not everyone has a breakout board for this particular interface so you may want to use a software version of this concept instead, one of my favourite ones is LPT.exe — It works fairly well and there are several ports to different languages in case you’re interested in modifying it to suit your own needs.

Closing up:

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll be able to finish the project and post some of the code here. Hint: it involves controlling unipolar steppers, computer vision and webcams!

Can you guess what it is?