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Harte Hanks and TI – Backordered MSP430

Posted by on August 17, 2010

These Harte Hanks, or should I call them “Hard at Wanks” guys are shameless. I (and a few others) could not contact them or get any information whatsoever on the shipping status for the MSP430 Launchpad.

To contact TI you must spend at least half an hour filling out a massive form just to never be contacted by them…

It’s rather obvious that the whole MSP430 Launchpad was an afterthought and that TI has no infrastructure for small companies and/or buyers; they play with the big fish and they don’t know how to handle regular human beings. Heck, they’re paying some clowns to deal with them and look at what happened! More…

What is LaunchPad?

Posted by on June 25, 2010

Bullshit, that’s what it is. They targeted the “Launchpad”  toward the maker/hacker market and yet they don’t provide the according payment methods, these corporate weasels will only take your credit card, tell me how many students actually own a credit card? only the rich kids, who are probably more interested in getting more free money from their parents and living la vida loca than spending their time hacking away on a TI development board alone in their basement.

It just makes no sense whatsoever! they’re trying to get a piece of this huge market by introducing a ridiculously cheap product and yet theres no way anyone outside the US without a CC would be able to get one!.

Therefore TI’s product is as appealing to me as sucking a rusty nail while watching a match of cricket under severe chronic depression! It’s going to end one way and it won’t be pretty.