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(PB) Timeout Library

Posted by on December 12, 2012


This simple “timeout” library allows you to easily perform timed operations in your games and applications.¬†Thanks to the callbacks you can also perform arbitrary functions within each update cycle.

The library is very simple to use, you must define a maximum timeout period and an update rate when you create an instance of TIMEOUT.

The “maximum” is in milliseconds and corresponds to the timeout period, for example 1000 would be 1 second timeout.

The “update_rate” sets how many updates there will be within 0 and the “maximum” in this case 1000), if we were to use 10 updates then we would experience the callback to be called every 100ms.

Of course both the callback and the user variables are optional, but they’re a handy feature.

Simple use case:

One of the many uses I have for this library includes waiting for a server to respond, sending timed events to clients, etc. I even use it to send notices to every client on the server before the server actually shuts down! (game server)
You can actually select whether the library should perform an actual sleep / delay operation to save cycles ( for example in cases where you have a waiting loop it’s ideal to sleep for a given period of time instead of wasting those cycles ) or you can have it compare old vs new time instead of performing a real delay. On timeout_update() the second parameter defines this behavior.

The library:


That’s all, enjoy!

If you have any comments, feel free to leave them here!
Any additions to the code will be welcomed.