About the negative comments…

Posted by on August 28, 2009

I’ve been receiving quite a few negative comments lately, I don’t know why exactly but most of them are plain insults in broken English (and no, they are not spam). Someone either has way too much time on their hands or they got it all wrong!

I will not approve such behavior. I’m merely sharing some points of view and bits of code, there is no reason for flame wars. If you’re a fanboy and I happened to hurt your feelings then I’m sorry but you didn’t get it right. I’m entitled to my own opinions, and so are you! But you can’t insult me over this, in fact you can’t insult me over anything at all. I didn’t disrespect you and I don’t know you, but one thing I do know: you must stop this nonsense.

Most of the comments are leaned towards the concept that I don’t support PureBasic… Well, this isn’t entirely true. I helped as much as I could, I also got help when I was starting out and I appreciate that. I don’t care for recognition but I actually translated the IDE to Spanish, I made the 3D icon the IDE uses and I keep on posting bits of code every now and then in here, proving that I do support the language; which doesn’t mean that I love it or I wouldn’t change a thing of it, in fact you can read what I think about the IDE and other aspects of the language in this very same blog.

However, I pay my domain and my hosting: I get to say whatever I want and you get to choose whether you like it or not, because I’m forcing no one here. As with anything else in this world; if you’re vegan go ahead, eat salad. But don’t enforce it on me! — I’ll have a burger full of bacon, thank you.

Takes a break

Well, on that note I hope that whoever you are you happen to understand this, if you can’t then please don’t come back. Because I made myself quite clear already.

As I said, I won’t approve such foul language. You can have your rant, but be educated. I would really enjoy a dose of constructive criticism for instance. And if you can do better, then by all means do share with the rest of the world!. But rest assured; with insults you won’t go far. So you better start spending your time on something useful for a change. You could accomplish a lot if you just refer to others with a little bit of respect, whether they deserve it or not.