Big projects equal big headaches..

Posted by on August 14, 2007

I will spare you the intro and go directly to some insights

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been working on quite a few BIG projects for a while now, which leave me with almost no time to do anything else but work. I could be compared with an FSM (Finite State Machine for the knowledge-lacker) a bot or really, anything that works in a procedural fashion, with set rules on a repetitive manner. Think about the washing machine for a moment… That’s me! – Although I might be prettier and less cold.

By now you might be wondering “Wheres the cool tips regarding huge project management to avoid huge headaches?” – Boy, you either came to the wrong place or you misinterpreted the title…

You might learn from my thoughts, but I doubt I’ll ever write with a happy face how to nuke a website, land a job or harmonize colour pallets for your upcoming ‘uber‘ design…

( To make things short: If you want a tutorial, buy a book – Stop complaining about everything and learn by yourself, like we did )

Going back to the subject, and leaving the crap side of the Internet alone for a while:

I will bore you with my elitist commentaries, my imperfect perfectionism, my lack of respect to those who lack the will to acquire knowledge on the actual subject they whine about… (Talk about complicating simplicity) — Wait a second you sure made a nice, big and chunky psychologic profile that talks bad about me by now? – Good, let’s continue then:

…I’ll also keep you posted regarding my projects, random thoughts and I might even post a drink recipe* if you behave properly, that’s how nice I get – sometimes.

You know what’s the sad thing?, you wont really know what I do unless you keep on reading what I post!.
Hey, don’t get all worked up on me, that’s how writers have been sticking you to their books since the beginning!

*recipe: And no, that wouldn’t be a tutorial (more on my tutorial rant later).