What can you buy with $1.85?

Posted by on July 1, 2010

Customer Image from DX.

A bluetooth dongle of course! — I got mine from DX about 10 months ago (still working great by the way!)

I thought I could mention it and give out the link for anyone interested in buying it. Mine came with a blue LED (just power, not activity) and overall it’s been working nicely ever since I got it.

I wish I had BlueSoleil or a similar application, since XP’s BT functionality is horrid. What I do on a pinch is type “fsquirt -receive” on the console, which brings up the receive dialog for bluetooth on XP.

Anyway for under $2 US Dollars you can get this nice BT dongle, it only takes a couple weeks for the shipping (which is free by the way) — No third-party drivers needed either on XP.

Some of the DX deals sound too good to be true, but believe me these guys are serious, they’ve got great support and despite some crappy products, it’s not hard to get a good deal out of them.

Right now I’m awaiting delivery on a much bigger purchase (which was sadly split into several shipments to “expedite” the process) Hopefully I won’t have to return any of the products! — I’ve heard lots of horror stories regarding DX and products that are DOA, however so far I haven’t had the back luck to experience it. (Not so much on eBay though, it’s not what it used to be, sadly…)

As for the hardware, the dongle is based on the CW6621. For the price, it’s pretty darn good and the same actual hardware is used on more expensive dongles where you’re just paying for brand (and maybe QA).

One idea would be to buy a few more to make a BT network with the old hardware I’ve got lying around. For low volume transfers this is not a bad solution at all!

So there you go, BT connectivity on the go and dirt cheap! (carry it anywhere, it’s small!)