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Posted by on June 16, 2011


The following is a volumetric explosion sprite sheet, one of many left over from past work. You may use them for private or freeware (open source only) projects. Commercial use is prohibited, please contact me regarding licensing or custom work.


There are 38 frames. Each frame is 128×128 and the complete sheet contains an alpha channel, the grid is centered but it hasn’t been packed; as you can see there’s a lot of wasted space. This is however a “sane” way of sharing the sprites, otherwise I would have to provide my own format specifications for the metadata, packer, etc.

This way you can split them and pack them however you want into whatever format you wish. These are however quite usable in their current form.

The goodies:

A simple volumetric explosion

Volumetric explosion sprite sheet

A simple volumetric explosion, corrected levels, saturation, etc.



The corrected version was not exactly proofed, there are a few artifacts due to the processing, however if you’re going to use any sort of scaling filter these shouldn’t be a problem.

As you probably noticed the particles were rendered using a black background, mostly because of the high amounts of smoke involved; white or neutral would’ve been problematic.


It’s no secret that these are leftovers, but they’re perfectly good sprites — they just didn’t make it due to time constraints.

I cannot discuss which title they were meant for though, but I can tell you there’s more of them.

The actual image data contains a disclaimer, it’s hidden by the alpha channel. I mention this because I take it seriously, you may not profit from my work unless “I” profit from your work (It’s only fair right?).

Other than that feel free to use them, even as place-holders. And of course, if you’d like to share some of your handy work, feel free to contact me.

I’ll probably post more freebies throughout the week.


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