Let’s talk about glossy graphics… (The glossy rant)

Posted by on August 16, 2007

What’s up with this hype?, did Apple actually began all this? (That’s what you think!)

It’s nice, and all you want… However, in real life it’s possible that if such a glossy place existed, they wouldn’t let you in unless you were part of the Stonecutters

Needless to say, this elitist type of graphic work must end, aren’t you tired of duplicating and masking smart objects just to make your clients happy? – Okey perhaps thats not the boring part… But it is lame, and you should agree – That whenever someone starts a hype-wave everyone throws themselves butt-first and starts copying the partner on their side.

Have a little of originality for crying out loud!! – Reflections shouldn’t occur in all cases, I’ve seen a “serious” website with almost everything on reflections and glossy graphics, it was a joke to me!.

Most of the time, a reflection will give you the feeling of coldness (read marble, steel, etc). You can apply warm colours to counter-part this, however, theres a point where you shouldn’t be playing with reflections just because others are doing it as well – This is something that only true designers know and follow.

Bottom line: if your design sucks, you won’t save it with glossy layers and reflections on inexistent reflective surfaces. Do analyze your designs, don’t fall in the hype zone.

This is yet another object that fell in the wrong hands…

I’ll leave this one open to further discussions.

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