SparkFun’s 2011 Freeday Story

Posted by on January 17, 2011

I remember being on Freenode last year when the network almost crawled to a halt, it so happens everyone was flooding a channel called #sparkfun. I’ve been hearing about this so called “free day” for a few days but I disregarded it. During the event all I remember is:

  1. People were frustrated, extremely. I think someone may have jumped through the window and onto the lawn, on the first floor. Where they were bit to death by ferocious red ants.
  2. You couldn’t access their website, the server just decided to end it’s life by booting up Windows (just kidding you guys!)
  3. There was almost nothing on stock, the moment the site went back up I remember seeing a tumbleweed going by.

This year though, it was different! — Yes, even though the site crashed and everyone jumped through the window -again- they changed the concept into something a bit more “manageable” and generous. This gave everyone a fair chance (Yeah… If you were American) and overall it was fun since you had to answer very hard questions — The type you’d get Stephen Hawking on the phone for. The fact that some of the money went to a charity is also quite┬áreassuring.

I must admit I wasn’t obsessed with the F5 key and I wasn’t even trying. Truth be told I had a meeting with the torpedo department that afternoon and when I came back I managed to login, click on the survey button and answer a whopping four (4!) questions before all the greenies ran out.

Later the other day I found out that’s pretty much when the second server came back up (was it ever up? you bastards!) and hence why the requests were being processed IN A TIMELY FASHION.

So anyway, thanks SparkFun for the fun moment! — I don’t like the fact that you left my country out of your “money per country” list, I resent that. In fact you’re dead to me (after I receive my order, that is).

Just kidding!

PS: I know what you’re doing, It’s a clever marketing campaign. But I won’t tell anyone, promise. Well maybe the cats.

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