Updated the vec3 lib, major overhaul.

Posted by on January 25, 2009

The VEC3 lib was updated today, I haven’t had time to put the newer versions as they were developed so I’m just uploading the latest version right now. A small change-log can be found at the header of the source.

Same link as before: VEC3_MACRO.PBI

Or you can download the package: VEC3_MACRO.ZIP

New functionality as seen on the change-log:

24/01/2009: Added min, max. Fixed Lerp.

18/01/2009: Fixed structure, made FMOD compliant with VEC3_TYPE. Refactored FastSine() and PIWRAP().

12/01/2009: Optimized/Fixed the PIWRAP macro with FMOD. Added resolution switch For the quadratic curve.

11/01/2009: Added wrap, clamp, lerp, string. Fixed some bugs. Refactored the vec3 structure. Added approximation method for sine and cosine functions.

10/01/2009: Library created.


I think I got carried away a little, but it proves to be a useful library for quick prototyping (at least that’s what I use it for). I’ll write a few examples with a small drawing framework perhaps by next week if I have time for it. Some of the things that are left to do include angle and coordinate helpers, which also means isometric transformation for 3d points, projections, etc.

As it stands right now, you could prototype almost any type of game/application without having to code most of the trivial stuff (such as, the vector code, provided by the library!).


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